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A couple of days ago I got my HTC Legend and I’m now working with Bluetooth file-transfer. The emulator works fine for most things, but it has no BlueTooth support, so I wanted to develop directly on hardware with debugging through ADB and LogCat in Eclipse.

First I tried installing the USB-ADB-drivers that you can download through the SDK Manager. This didn’t work, I used the tricks that people suggested uninstalling HTC standard drivers and then trying to reinstall. No success. I then tried with the HTC-Sync dreading that it would a lot of bloatware, I didn’t need. But this worked like a charm.

Steps to get your HTC Legend/Hero to work as a development phone, Windows

1. Enable USD-Debugging on Phone, SETTINGS –> APPLICATIONS –> DEVELOPMENT –> USB-Debugging.

2. Uninstall any old USB-drivers using USBDeview

3. Install HTC-Sync.exe on your PC, you can find the file on the phones SD-Card.

4. Connect your phone using the HTC-Sync option (maybe optional)

5. Open a console window and navigate to the sdk/tools/adb.exe, test that your device is connected using “adb devices”. Your devices serial number should be listed.

6. Using Eclipse, install your project using Ctrl+F11 as you would on the emulator, but choose your real device as target.

7. Success, LogCat works just like normal.


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